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Bite The Bullet – Hot Sauces (nov, 2022)  

School project: 

The brief was to help the brand "Bite The Bullet" (made up brand) to start up their business, hot sauces. We had to create a logotype, labels/products for sauces and one instagram post/campaign. I made a graphic profile for this brand - a color palette, typography, graphic elements.


Adobe programs:

 Illustrator (logotype, typography, graphic profile, Photoshop (mockups, photos).

Focus in this project: 

Branding, package design, logotype

Company name: 

Bite The Bullet

t-shirt, påse, mugg VIT.png
Grafisk profil - Bite the Bullet.png

Mockups links
-Bottle 1
-Bottle 2
-T-shirt, pag, cup

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