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  PHILIPS – Website (2023, April)  

School project:

 The breif was to choose an area and then come up with an idea that can add added value to the company. When choosing a specific department or product, follow the company's graphic profile/expression/manner and use the existing logo, font, color theme. I chose the area of kettles. 


Adobe programs:

XD Adobe (web design), Illustrator (logotype, graphic profile, Photoshop (mockups, photos).

Focus in this project:

Branding, web design, added value to the company

Brand name:


philips logga 2.png
macbook mockup 2.png
2 datorer Mockup .png
Device Mockup.png

Photos and Videos - No Copyright

I took most of the pictures from Unsplash and Freepik. Other pictures and videos I took from Philip's website and YouTube channel, without permission and copyright. Let me know if you didn't think it was okay for me to include your Philip's photos and logo without permission. I have no problem removing them if that was the case. My school assignment was to choose an area and then come up with an idea that could add value to the company. I chose the kettle area. Please check how their current site and their web design looks compared to my design.

Philip's Website 

Philip's YouTube Chanel

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